What’s the deal in Ukraine?

2 March 2014

Wondering what to think about the situation in Ukraine? For starters, consider this: when Ukraine was under Russian rule, Stalin killed ~5 million Ukrainians. For one moment, draw a picture of 5 million men, women and children in your mind. That’s five million human hearts beating and 5 million people laughing, striving, making and playing. […]

Breaking Up With Starbucks

4 September 2013

Ever since Starbucks has turned into Gun Nut Central I no longer fall in line there with the rest of the weekend yoga-pantzerati for my non-fat, no-foam latte.  Instead I opt for the hipper Peet’s Coffee. Going to Peet’s is not convenient. Peet’s is located five crucial, pre-latte minutes out of the way and features a soul-crushing […]

Big Pain, Tiny Gain

2 September 2013

The pain surprised me. One moment I was pushing the grocery cart with my daughter, the next moment I was holding my upper lip with both hands and trying not to cry. I’d leaned my head down to kiss her on the top of the head as she skipped along happily. I wanted to share […]

10 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Prevent Gun Violence

21 December 2012

Update: Thank you for the positive response to this list.  I’ll continue to update the list as I’m made aware of additional things one can do.  In particular I’m looking for actions one can take to improve the mental health system. Leave a comment with your additions and I’ll evaluate them for inclusion.  Please continue sharing […]

This One’s For You

3 September 2012

When I was in High School a boy I knew died in a car accident. His car met a tree head-on on a back road late at night. Everywhere I grew up was on a back road. Some roads were back road-ier than others but they all had the same things in common: they were […]

Remember When I Said I Was Writing A Novel?

16 June 2012

After years of saying I want to write a book to anyone who would get me tipsy enough to admit it, I’d finally committed to do it after hearing about a female author who had written a best seller while working full time. When asked how she did this, she claimed she’d worked on her […]

Ethical Blogging Is Boring

3 March 2012

The problem with Responsible Blogging is that I can’t use any of my best material. I enjoy being employed, so I don’t blog about work. I don’t blog about church because then you might file me under Religious. I don’t blog about any of the standard deeper parenting challenges in order to protect our daughter’s […]

“I’m writing a novel.”

26 February 2012

I haven’t posted much lately because I’m writing a novel. I have a hard time typing that sentence, let alone saying it out loud. Writing a novel puts me in great company with the earnest-looking Crazies down at the coffee shop. I’m writing a novel. I have thirty-nine cats. I’m a part-time actor. I’m calling […]

Someone’s Son

16 January 2012

I was headed east to Donetsk, Ukraine by train from Kiev. It was late May, and it had not been a particularly good month for me. I was confused about my teaching role at the Institute, my apartment was crawling with roaches and I was growing tired of wearing a skirt and heels everyday in […]

Merry Christmas To Me!

20 December 2011

‘Tis the season to be giving, and as such it’s time to benefit from my annual “one for you, one for me” approach to gift shopping! When we were kids it was easier to get something you wanted. I’d be at the Flemington Mall (Alwick Records!), see something I liked, then turn to my mom […]